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Antsy. As in, ants in my pants. For some new scenery. To get on a plane again! Are you feeling me?

It goes without saying it’s been Groundhog Day for most of us for the better part of a year now. Z and I have always traveled together. We joke to our friends and family with kids that it is the best benefit to not having those responsibilities –  to be able to just take off, on a whim. Our greatest concern is finding places for the doggies. Luckily, they’re usually in hot demand. Everyone loves our 4-legged children.

Being a small business owner, last-minute trips are actually not so much the norm. It is actually the ones we planned ahead many months out, to far-flung locales, that I am missing the most. We generally start each year with a discussion of new places we want to try to go to, or old favorites we want to re-visit. I realize this was a luxury, but it was also one we looked forward to and one we prioritized as a couple.

I long to discover tucked-away shopping stalls in bazaars, try new exotic foods, and get inspired by resting my eyes on completely different cityscapes, sunsets and people. I long to fix my ears on the sounds of foreign languages, strange music, and unknown animals. Little did I know how long it would be again until I could even think about taking trips like we’ve taken in recent years — to Marrakech, New Delhi, Cabo, even just going south of Denver a spell to Tucson!

During this time I’ve had hardly a minute to focus on what I miss. Being a small business owner during a pandemic, as I’ve mentioned here before, has been NO JOKE. And don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful every damn day to be healthy, have loyal staff and clients who have come back to me, and to be able to look ahead in my business. I know many others have not been so lucky.

But, in my quiet moments, the ones where you let yourself feel sad about what’s been lost, travel is on my mind. And missing it is heavy on my heart.

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