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Stay in Your Flow: 2020 Vision (Tour)

Oprah on stage

Stay in Your Flow: 2020 Vision (Tour)

On March 7th, Z and I went to see Oprah in Denver. It’s crazy that was only 4 weeks ago. Seems like an eternity. Of course, Oprah shared a lot of pearls that day. Little did I know how much some of them would be put to the test so soon. Anecdotes she extolled, wise words from that oh-so-wise woman, that resonated with me that day now are shouting in my brain as we deal with this crisis.

Always try to find the silver lining.

I know this will pass.

I know I will be stronger because of this.

Look for the lessons in the day to day.

Such seemingly simple reminders, yet so very meaningful. But more importantly, meaningless when not embraced and embodied. I’ve been trying to focus on some of her calls to action:

I Can, I Will, Watch Me!

I can get through this. I will learn from this. Watch me support my staff, my community, my clients, and come out the other side stronger.

No matter where we are in life, we can kick it up a notch.

As our ability to work, be with friends, and travel about freely were all sucked out of our lives seemingly overnight, I don’t know about you, but I’ve thought a lot about how much I will not take those abilities, interactions and freedoms for granted when I get them back. And that I will step up my game!

Everyone wants to be heard.

My voice is not the only voice. How I see something may be completely different than you. Open mind, open heart. Compassion, empathy.

You don’t get what you want; you get what you intend.

I’ve been lighting palo santo every day in the studio when I go in to ship online orders that have been coming in (insert grateful hands emoji). Setting my intention. I have always tried to do this, but many days the idea gets lost. I am going to make a point of doing this every day, through this time, and beyond it. Some days I will live up to my intentions, some days I won’t. But I will have set a goal and a path for myself.

Be present, be mindful, and we deserve rest.

It’s okay to say, Enough. Listen. As Glennon Doyle (another wise, wise woman) says, “Be still and learn.”

And perhaps the most powerful take-away I had from Oprah that day…


Let’s go. You know which one I pick.

Oprah 2020 Vision

Top image by Kiddest Metaferia

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