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Happy May Y’all!
I was lucky enough to make it to Roundtop, Texas this year. My first experience was five years ago and I have always wanted to go back and hunt for treasures.

If you like cold beer in a can, tex-mex, junking for hours on end, bluebonnets, sifting through old stuff in fields and being inspired, meeting people from all over the world, this is the place for you.

I only had two days (not nearly enough) to hunt for treasures for my store.

Some of my favorite venues, people, and things are:
Marburger Farm
Richard Schmidt
House Wren
The Garden Co
Rancho Pillow

I found all kinds of treasures to sell and share with you. Angora lamb pillows, tie die tunics, old artifacts, old leather to work into jewelry designs. Stop by and bend my ear.

Already planning my next visit in 2018!

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