Navajo Thunderbird with Turquoise on Leather and Pearl Necklace


Sterling Silver Thunderbird, Turquoise Cabochon, Sterling Silver Navajo Pearls and Leather Necklace, 32″ in Length.


The Thunderbird is legendary symbol of certain North American indigenous peoples’ history and culture. It is a powerful motif that is said to represent protection and strength.

CLP’s interpretation of the thunderbird features a sterling silver pendant with tiny hand-stamped details and a bright blue 3 mm turquoise cabochon. The thunderbird necklace is hand crafted in our studio and involves a collaboration of metal work and bead work by our lead metalsmith and beadsmith. The thunderbird is first soldered, buffed, and polished in our metalworking shop. The vivid blue turquoise cabochon is carefully hand-set into a sterling silver bezel setting. After the metalworking has been completed, the pendant is then handed over to the beadsmith who meticulously hand-strings the sterling silver Navajo pearl beads and finally completes the necklace with deerskin leather ties. Necklace measures approximately 32″ and may be tied shorter to customize length.

Spiritual Properties of Turquoise ~ Protection, Tranquility Peace & Luck.


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