Round Turquoise Necklace with Sunstone Offset


Bead Necklace, Multi-Color Turquoise, Sunstone Offset, 17.5″, Gold-fill Lobster Closure

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Add some beautiful natural turquoise to your collection with this eye-catching round turquoise and sunstone beaded necklace. This stunning hand-beaded necklace features natural polished round turquoise beads with three faceted orange sunstone bead offsets. The sunstone offsets display a luminescent flash known as the “Schiller effect”, where light is reflected off tiny copper platelets suspended within the gem. Each necklace is thoughtfully and meticulously hand-strung on site by our expert beadsmith. Necklace measures 17.5″ in length and closes with a 14/20 gold fill lobster clasp.


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