14k Gold and Petrified Antler on Paperclip Chain Necklace


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A melding of organic materials and fine metals comes together to create this one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted statement necklace. The focal point of this gorgeous showcase piece is a fossilized antler slice. The slice consists of beautiful striations of warm browns, cream tones, and dark gray hues. The natural beauty of this stone is truly a piece of nature’s finest artwork. The fossilized antler is hand-set by our lead metalsmith in a 14k gold bezel setting. It is fixed in place on a 14k gold paper clip chain necklace. At 16” in length, it layers beautifully with other styles, as well as making a stunning showcase piece when worn on its own. The pendant measures approximately 1 3/8” wide x 11/16” tall.

One-of-a-kind; Only one necklace available.


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