Herkimer Diamond on Figaro Chain Necklace




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This beautiful one-of-a-kind necklace features a stunning Herkimer Diamond quartz crystal. The Herkimer Diamond is a special type of double-terminated quartz crystal only found in Herkimer, New York. They are known for their diamond-like geometric shape and revered for their beauty. These particular crystals contain rare “enhydro” formations– pockets of water or petroleum encapsulated within the crystal that formed many millions of years ago. Some of the enhydro pockets even contain air bubbles that move back and forth within the crystal. To top it off, the yellow petroleum pockets are UV-reactive, and shine bright violet under UV light!

The crystals are carefully set in a hand-fabricated 14k gold bezel by our lead metalsmith. The bezel is then fixed in place onto an 18″ 14k gold figaro chain necklace. Herkimer Diamond crystals measure approximately 1/2″ in length.


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