Hand With 14k Diamond Dot and Rings on 14k Herringbone Chain


Hand-Carved Bone Hand Pendant, Adorned with 14k Gold Rings and 14k Gold Diamond Dot Inlay, 18″ 14k Gold Herringbone Chain Necklace

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The hand is one of the most powerfully represented symbols of the human body. It is used as a motif all over the world, across a vast span of history, often representing strength, power, protection, peace, divine grace, and honor.

This beautiful bone hand is meticulously carved and polished by hand. It is then adorned with two miniature 14k gold rings, hand fabricated by our lead metalsmith. One of our signature 14k gold diamond dots is inlaid into the palm of the hand, a beautiful symbol of strength and love. To hold the diamond in the palm of the hand is to hold these attributes close, as a reminder to embrace each day with love, strength, and compassion.

The carved bone hand pendant hangs from a stunning delicate 14k gold herringbone chain. The necklace hangs at 18″ in length and is finished with a 14k gold lobster clasp. The hand pendant measures approximately 1.5″ in length.

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