Eye of Protection Bangle


Yellow Bronze Bangle, 5 mm Mother of Pearl Inlay Evil Eye Cabochon, 14/20 Gold Fill Bezel Cup. Approximately 2.5″ Diameter.


The evil eye symbol has been used throughout many different cultures for thousands of years. It’s commonly said to be a symbol of spiritual protection, warding off negativity and ill intentions. Our Eye of Protection bangle features a beautiful 5 mm mother-of-pearl inlay evil eye cabochon. The yellow bronze bangle is formed and hammered by our metalsmith for that classic CLP textured look. The evil eye cabochon is hand set in a 14/20 gold fill bezel setting. Finally, the Eye of Protection bangle is lovingly hand-buffed and polished to a soft satin finish. Embrace the protective qualities of the evil eye with this lovingly handcrafted piece.


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