14k Paperclip Lariat Necklace With 14k Antler Tip


19 inches 14k elongated paperclip chain, 14k wire and spring ring, 1″ smooth antler tip, 14k bezel wire and sheet.

Antler tip may vary slightly in size and color.

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The deer antler is a symbol of kindness, strength, and transformation. Wear the antler in good spirit to bring about a sense of peacefulness and gentle understanding to your day. This 14k gold antler tip pendant is hand-crafted from a naturally-shed deer antler tip and 14k gold. The gold setting is carefully fabricated by our lead metalsmith, who meticulously cuts, forms, and files the setting to encase the top of the antler.

The antler pendant hangs from a 14k gold paperclip chain lariat necklace. The necklace measures 18″, with an additional 1″ drop from which the pendant hangs. Necklace hangs approximately 20″ in total. The antler tip may vary slightly in size and color, making each necklace truly one-of-a-kind.



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