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New on the Site

New Jewelry

New on the Site

The new fall season is in full swing and we are embracing the feeling of new in the studio. We have tons of new products and a few new features on the site and we can’t wait to share them with you.

New Products

From earrings to necklaces to bags, the creative juices have been flowing strong. From twists on our the CLP classics to entirely new designs, we think you will find a piece or two that you need to give a home.

New Jewelry

Baby Medicine Bag with Turquoise Necklace

New Jewelry

14k Tiny Thunderbird with Diamond Necklace

A twist on our original Medicine Pouch, we just added the Baby Medicine bag in both diamond and turquoise to the site. The combination of the dainty gold filled chain and the rustic, handmade leather pouch with the gem of your choice and lavender makes for a unique addition to your jewelry box. And this baby is flying out of the studio, so be sure to get yours soon!

Our classic thunderbird has gotten a makeover in two brand new pieces: Thunderbird on Leather Bracelet and Silver Thunderbird on Leather Braid Necklace. The legendary thunderbird is a symbol of power and strength and we believe that either of these pieces can help give you some extra power on days when you need it.

While it is no secret that we hold quartz near and dear to our hearts at CLP Jewelry, we are excited to introduce our current quartz love, the Phantom Quartz with Turquoise Leather Necklace. Phantom Quartz is a type of quartz that forms on top of a previously existing crystal, which displays outlines of numerous, smaller crystals or phantoms.

Our Fringe Wristlet got an upgrade with our Large Fringe Bag. We are so excited about this new piece and we think you will be too. This cross-body bag comes in a variety of colors: black, dark brown and buckskin and features antler and abalone accents. Trust us, you need this bag.

We have several new products and we are adding to the site all the time! So head over to our ``New`` page and check out what else we have added.

New Categories

We also added some new categories this month!

First is the “Flash Sale”. We have several products on sale at super discounted prices for a limited time. Act now and get these babies while supplies last!

We also added an “On Instagram” category to help our loyal Instagram followers locate and purchase the products that you fall in love with on our page. When you see the hashtag #FindOnline, head over to the “On Instagram” page and find that product. We will be updating this category at the beginning of each month with the new products that we will be posting that month.

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