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CLP Jewelry

Designers & Agents NYC

It’s tradeshow season! This weekend, Team CLP will be traveling to NYC to show off our new designs to agents from across the country.

As much as we love the mountains and rolling plains of the Wild West, there is not denying the fact that there is something special about New York City. Between the hustle and bustle and sights and smells, I leave the city chalk full of brand new ideas and inspiration. Being surrounded with other talented designers at the show and creative artists on the street really gets the creative juices flowing. It’s such a different taste of life than what I am used to out West.

In addition to soaking up as much inspiration as possible in three short days, we are excited to show off our new designs. I was just in Tucson a few weeks ago and I have a ton of new gems and ideas that I can’t wait to show off. Make sure you follow CLP Jewelry on Instagram so you don’t miss any of the behind the scenes excitement! In the meantime, check out a few of our new additions to the site.

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