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I recently was able to sneak away from the studio for a week and hit the road with my husband. Our road trip to Austin was great for my mind and spirit, both of which are so important for keeping the creative juices flowing. While some people might dread road trips, I love being on the road and seeing old, small towns along the way. Plus, I enjoy spending the time working on new pieces or practicing a new technique. And let’s not forget road trip snacks! (Hot Cheetos, anyone?!)

Speaking of food, great food is not hard to find in Austin. Everywhere you turn has amazing hidden gems. While it is hard to narrow the list, a few of my favorites finds were right on South Congress: tacos at Gueros, seafood and oysters Perlas, drinks at Hotel San Jose, AMAZING BBQ from Micklethwait Craft Meats.

If you can still move after chowing down some of Austin’s best noms, you must check out the cool shops with just the right amount of edge and funk. I was in hippie heaven! Just to name a few: ­The Gypsy Wagon, Uncommon Objects, JM Drygoods.

We stayed at South Congress Hotel. The ambiance and location was perfect and the hospitality was so wonderful, we did not want to leave. In fact, we stayed an extra night! We see many more trips to Austin in the future.

Adios, until next time…

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