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  T H A N K F U L As I sit to pause and reflect, I am reminded to give thanks for my good health, my animals, my loved ones, my team & my customers who have become friends. Sometimes when I enter this time of year it is hard to pause, breathe, connect & remember what is truly important.   I am so grateful to do something I love & surround myself with a

Here at CLP Jewelry, we are a small team of about 10 creative & unique individuals. We've put the spotlight on 4 of our staff members. More features to come!                        

Celebrating Christy's Birthday with Special Guest Lee Ann Miller   This iconic duo met when Lee Ann came in to get Adorned with her family a few months ago. Christy & Lee Ann are both small business owners with a love for all things GLAM.  These two Leos instantly clicked & a friendship bloomed. Once they found out their birthdays were just days apart, we knew a big bash was in order!     Left to Right-

  On Fridays & Saturdays in our stores, a phrase you always hear is "Have you been Adorned?" Adorned is our line of Welded Jewelry offering permanent bracelets, anklets, necklaces & rings. CLP has been doing Welded Jewelry since 2018. It all started at Christy's house, welding bracelets on her friends with only 2 chain options. Now, we offer over 10 different chain & bangle styles. We're proud to say CLP Jewelry is Denver's #1 source

I recently visited Santa Barbara for a long overdue girls weekend. The direct flight from Denver, CO into Santa Barbara, CA was easy-breezy. We talked, shopped, had some pool time & ate at amazing restaurants.  I took my first adventure on an E-Bike on our way to Montecito Country Mart. It was so fun & now I totally want one! Here are some of my hi-lights below.   The next stop was dinner at the El Encanto at

We're shouting out some of Christy's personal favorites this season. Starting off with one of CLP's favorite symbols, the Thunderbird. The Thunderbird is a symbol from Native American mythology representing protection, power and strength. Our thunderbird is inscribed with "Sacred Bearer of Happiness Unlimited" on the back.   Our second favorite has to be these handmade baskets from Rwanda. These vibrant baskets are beautiful & multi functional. Use as a catch-all tray or arrange on

The Ultimate Collaboration Photo Credit - Mason David, Model - Jessica Luann Cover Image Photo Credit - Drake Vincent   CLP is a proud sponsor of Camp Create. During the Fall of 2021, creatives across the US linked up in Utah to capture their unique views of the western landscapes. We knew this setting was the perfect background to feature CLP Jewelry, while helping build up other creatives in the community.   “CLP Jewelry is a rustic, well

The second home for CLP On Saturday, June 26, we opened the doors of our second home to you. Located at 3214 Tejon St. Next door to the LoHi Steakbar. Fun fact! You may have been to this location before when it was a spin cycle studio. However, the shop has had a major glow up since then, (in CLP style of course).  Christy, Zach & the kick-ass team have transformed this space

  We have been running a new campaign in recent newsletters where we feature some of our favorite #clpladies. Jessica, my marketing guru, suggested this idea a while back and I am tickled she did. She reached out on social and then followed up with some of my favorite clients, many who have become my dearest friends. She asked them to tell her about their favorite pieces, my shop, and well, about me. The results have been enough to make

We feel lucky to do what we love every day, and recognize we are part of a larger community and world. Supporting organizations here in our own community or who are doing work on the national level that we find important, will always be at the core of what we do. Sometimes we run givebacks for a period of time (like when the proceeds from your purchases last holiday season helped us give $5000 to