handmade jewelry


  • BIG NEWS! We are beyond excited to announce our customizable Hat Bar at both CLP locations. Create a one-of-a-kind look with our Hat Bar featuring charms, ribbons, and feathers. While you're at CLP, add to your Adorned Welded Bracelet with diamonds and talismans. The official Galentine's Bash is - Feb 10th and 11th @ both SoBo and LoHi locations. Sunday Feb 12th @ LoHi only. $200 starts you with one hat to jazz up

  •   Watch our Metalsmith, Alyssa, create some CLP magic. When we say handmade, we mean it! Alyssa adds the finishing touches on our new style, the Sterling Silver Oval Opal Cuff Bracelet. We upgraded this style recently with a larger oval gemstone. Christy chose Opal for the spiritual properties it represents. It is said to bring Confidence, Optimism, & Hope.     The reticulated texture on the sterling silver cuff gives it the perfect rustic CLP flair. The

  •   T H A N K F U L As I sit to pause and reflect, I am reminded to give thanks for my good health, my animals, my loved ones, my team & my customers who have become friends. Sometimes when I enter this time of year it is hard to pause, breathe, connect & remember what is truly important.   I am so grateful to do something I love & surround myself with a

  • Here at CLP Jewelry, we are a small team of about 10 creative & unique individuals. We've put the spotlight on 4 of our staff members. More features to come!                        

  • Celebrating Christy's Birthday with Special Guest Lee Ann Miller   This iconic duo met when Lee Ann came in to get Adorned with her family a few months ago. Christy & Lee Ann are both small business owners with a love for all things GLAM.  These two Leos instantly clicked & a friendship bloomed. Once they found out their birthdays were just days apart, we knew a big bash was in order!     Left to Right-