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Behind the Pouches

Behind the Pouches

Behind the Pouches

Many of the CLP Jewelry designs are inspired by Native American elements. This is especially true when it comes to the symbolism we use on our leather pouches. As one of our longest standing and most beloved pieces, our pouches are much more than a beautiful handbag. Infused with love, these pouches hold special meanings and inspire a certain set of virtues to the owners.


The bow and arrow were an integral part of life for the Native Americans. From protecting their tribe to providing food, the arrow was an essential part of day-to-day life. The Native Americans used the arrow as a symbol to represent a variety of things. A single arrow, pointed right, represents protection, movement and power. An arrow pointed right symbolizes the warding off of evil and crossed arrows represent friendship.


The thunderbird is a legendary creature in Native American culture. The thunderbird represents power and strength, as many cultures believed that this mythical bird was responsible for creating thunder and lighting. Such a powerful creature is highly revered and honored, as is the wearer of the symbol.


One of the oldest mythological symbols, the snake symbol also represents several different things. From the time of Adam and Eve, snakes represent the duality if life, good and evil. The Hopi people believed that snakes played an integral role in the fertility of nature. Other cultures believe that snakes symbolize rebirth, as they shed their skin, we shall shed our sins. Represent things such as good and evil, fertility and rebirth, the snake symbol is a power one to add to your collection.

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