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Designers&Agents NYC

It's tradeshow season! This weekend, Team CLP will be traveling to NYC to show off our new designs to agents from across the country. As much as we love the mountains and rolling plains of the Wild West, there is not denying the fact that there is something special about New York City.

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Love Yourself Sale

No matter your current relationship status, CLP Jewelry loves you and we want to treat you to a Valentine's Day surprise. Starting today and ending at midnight on February 14th, you (and your loved ones) will receive 20% off ALL ORDERS on the ENTIRE SITE.

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Behind the Pouches

As one of our longest standing and most beloved pieces, our pouches are much more than a beautiful handbag. Infused with love, these pouches hold special meanings and inspire a certain set of virtues to the owners.

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One piece is never enough